NFSSC aims to become the most trusted standardized servicing platform within the Saudi financing market, which would greatly benefit lenders and borrowers


Setting clear and concise mechanisms for finance servicing that would fully comply with the regulations and laws set by SAMA and as such assist in reaching a consistency towards treating all stakeholders in a fair and just manner

About Us

National Financing Support Servicing Company (NFSSC) is a closed joint stock company that has been established in efforts to cater for the servicing of financing products within Saudi Arabia; this will assist in the realization of the initiatives set by Vision 2030 and are implemented by various sectors within Saudi.

Our Services

Portfolio Maintenance
Customer Service
Documents Management
Debt Collection
Delinquency Management
SIMAH Update
Evacuation Process
Title deed transfer
Success Partners

Our Success Partners

Real Estate Development Fund

contact information

    We constantly aim to provide high-quality services in the shortest possible time. In fulfillment of our commitment to this promise, we have established a dedicated Customer Service Unit that you can easily contact via email:

    [email protected]

    For more inquires please contact our contact center on 8004409999